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This porcupine cannot contain his excitement as he eats pumpkins for the first time.

Fall is a time for colorful leaves, chilly nights, and of course pumpkins. A favorite food for many people waiting all year to make delicious pies, coffees, and every product known to man. We aren’t the only ones that enjoy a good pumpkin however. Meet Ted, a porcupine who has attracted an audience by vocally expressing his love for feasting during the harvest season.

Also known by the nickname “Teddy Bear”, he’s part of the educational company Zooniversity®. A traveling wildlife program that introduces people to animals and conservation. In recent years Ted has become an internet celebrity with over 18 million video views and almost 20,000 subscribers.


His enjoyment will bring a smile to your face. Listen to Ted happily munch on his favorite snack, making high pitched vocalizations. With every bite he grunts and chirps in pure joy at these tasty treats. That’s the sound of one satisfied rodent.

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